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    Help with finding an addon / UI

    Anyone know a UI pack that has the Fubar configurations that is in this picture?
    Does it require any special Lib: sharedmedia to work?


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    Re: Help with finding an addon / UI

    It isn't fubar. It is a panel created with eepanels2 or KgPanels and then text from an addon like SLDText has been placed on top of it.

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    Re: Help with finding an addon / UI

    Remember using an addon which had this in it before I started using Ishtara UI.
    Was nice with the "bar under fubar background" that changed color depending on the class of my character.
    Forgot the name of the name of the ui tho : \

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    Re: Help with finding an addon / UI

    The UI you're talking about I'm guessing is LynUI which can be found here.

    The border of the bottom bar and the border around the minimap change color depending on your class.
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