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    Re: The new ToW Glyph

    I did the math in my head quickly and found that tow and lab glypth is pretty much equal at current high end gear with a slight edge to tow.

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    Re: The new ToW Glyph

    Quote Originally Posted by Caillin
    I think your over thinking it, 280 spell power to the whole raid is probably the best buff you can give out there, if they changed it to a % it would scale better for some but would eliminate any future ranks of the spell. Not everything in WoW is meant to scale, ToW is pretty OP, and its unique, im just happy we have something no one else can bring to a raid.
    Except that Demonology locks cant bring it, and it gives more spellpower...

    And yes its 10% of locks spellpower. Thats why i think 10% of spellpower would be better solution. It would worse for some classes and better for others, but margin wouldnt be that big anyway.

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    Re: The new ToW Glyph

    Would be nice if instead of 30% it was to make your overloads proc more with ToW or something that's semi minor, but scales better.

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