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    disc priest bg gear... choices. . !?

    lots of different stuff to choose from. crit, haste, mp5......... i'm not sure which i should spend my honor on. can someone provide me with some insight, please? tyvm!

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    Re: disc priest bg gear... choices. . !?

    3 piece of Satin, 2 piece of Mooncloth in Savage/Hateful.

    4 piece of Mooncloth when you go Hateful/Deadly.

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    Re: disc priest bg gear... choices. . !?

    okay, ty for that, but what about neck/back pieces, etc... crit, haste, or mp5?

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    Re: disc priest bg gear... choices. . !?

    I am kind of in the same situation.

    I really have not given pvp a fair shot since s3, but with the new dual spec coming out i will probably go disc for pvp as my 2nd spec. I like the way disc is right now, the only thing i have trouble with is keeping mana.

    I am strongly considering using a DA pvp spec with +crit pvp gear, was wondering if anyone could give some pros and cons that is currently active in pvp and has tried this similar spec.

    Spec is with new talent tree and still not set in stone but would be something like this.


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    Re: disc priest bg gear... choices. . !?

    *cough* thread hijack *cough*

    still waiting on helpful advice regarding crit vs haste vs sp on neck, back and other items. ty!

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    Re: disc priest bg gear... choices. . !?

    If you're disc I would say disregard haste as you should have borrowed time and I'm sure you can find multiple targets to throw a PW:S on to get the haste benefit. Imo crit would be better than mp5 in gear because it's pvp...you don't need to last like in a 6 minute boss fight or somethin and you should have meditation.

    But w/e that's just my opinion and I don't have a high level priest :P
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    Re: disc priest bg gear... choices. . !?


    ya i see your point about crit vs mp5. but even as undergeared as i am (hovering around 1500 in arena), we've had plenty of matches that went over 15 min, where mana regen becomes more important.

    that being said, there's a lot of synergy with disc priests and crit these days. as for haste, i've never geared for it personally, but it seems to me that being able to chug out spells fast would come in pretty handy.

    thanks for the input so far guys. anyone else?

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    Re: disc priest bg gear... choices. . !?

    Spi/spellpower. Gogo.
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    Re: disc priest bg gear... choices. . !?

    with the changes in 3.1 i would drop the idea of getting crit gear as our talents provide fully-skilled at abount 22%crit (right?). this is definately enough.

    as of my point of wiev i would say manareg is the way to go but here i am stuck: spirit or mp5?

    with these massive changes in ooc manaregeneration spirit may got a nerf as infight manareg should be the same as it was/is before 3.1.

    manareg shouldn't be your main stat, spellpower is more important

    6% more spirit from enlightment sounds nice but i won't spec it as i need these points elsewhere and with rupture giving a flat % of mana back i think i will stack mp5 and intelligence
    (priest/rogue 2n2 can be very spammy to heal and i don't really get time to drink or 5 sec withount casting with these massive amounts of burst and lots of double dd combos.)

    yep spellpower, mp5, stamina and intelligence ^^ my stats to go as i've got a spirit buff and no real usage for spirit (and enough by pvp-healgear + buff... definately).

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    Re: disc priest bg gear... choices. . !?

    From everything i've read and experienced, there is no point trying to stack crit. In standard pvp gear your crit rate will be lucky to reach 8% and forgoing the spirit to try to get more crit will probably raise it by 5-7% max... it simply isnt enough.

    If you look at the high rated disc priests they all dont bother with divine aegis or holy concentration, therefore crit doesn't really return anything in pvp other than the occasional bigger heal. In addition 2 of your major healign spells in pvp don't crit, that being renew & PW:S.

    I'd suggest you start with the spirit gear and get a feel for how your mana regen is. When you feel confident you then sub out some pieces for haste and even reenchant your stam pieces for sp (once you feel you can live ok).

    Haste is very important, it allows you to mana burn (in particular) much easier not to mention quicker heals. Do not skip haste, its something you need.

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