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    Re: Bosses besides arthas inside Icecrown?

    Some kind of boss that casts Insanity like Herod Volazj in Old kingdom would be a cool raid. 25ppl against 25ppl! That would be an intense fight that will surely kill some people, modify it slightly so everyone fights everyone at the same time tho.

    As for who would do this I havent got a clue but think it would be a cool aspect of the boss fight

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    Re: Bosses besides arthas inside Icecrown?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mysteriousitsuki
    Damn guys, did No horde do wrathgate?
    Are we forget varmithras and grand apothecary putress ?
    What are those guys up to right now and will we see them on the way in? :c
    Um, did you finish the quests AFTER Wrathgate? You know, the part where you kill them with your faction leader? Battle of the Undercity?

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