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    What addon is it that im looking for? :(


    Ive been searching for an addon now for quite some time but just cant find it.
    Maybe you can help me

    Lets say im facing a mage in the arena, he decides to sheep me, when he starts to cast the spell sheep , a cast bar comes up above my character showing he is sheeping me.

    But it will ONLY come up if he has me as his target, if he was to sheep someone else , it isnt my problem and wont get up on my screen.

    Anyone know wich addon this is? Would be much appriciated if you shared your knowledge in that case


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    Re: What addon is it that im looking for? :(

    Natur EnemyCastBars

    I'm sure you could just click the "Show Casts on Myself" option for your purpose.

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