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    Rate my 3.1 shadow pvp spec :]

    its 5/14/52


    dunno what glyphs to put in yet though, any suggestions?

    thanks in advance.

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    Re: Rate my 3.1 shadow pvp spec :]

    There is not much mana effiency, so it looks like a burst spec, but if so, why go holy?

    To me Imp Inner Fire looks better than Blessed Protection, and 5 points in Spellwarding seems like a waste.

    You are also missing dispel protection. I would go more into disc to get Inner Focus for some burst and spend max 2 points in holy to get Healing focus.

    Maybe it's just me, but to me playing as shadow and speccing into holy is a little bit like giving up before the fight has even started. But it might suit someone else's playstyle ofc.

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    Re: Rate my 3.1 shadow pvp spec :]

    This will be very, vry mana intensive if you want to actually try and heal with a full shadow spec. I would agree, putting the points in Discipline would be a much better idea really. Spell warding is nice but we are gettign an extra 15% damage reduction for magic on Shadowform anyway.

    Also, without silent resolve you have no DoT protection at all.
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    Re: Rate my 3.1 shadow pvp spec :]

    If you have poor gear with low resilience I can see how it could be a good idea, otherwise I tend to agree with the others on the spec. Regarding glyphs I'd go with Inner Fire, Fade and probably Dispersion, but Shield, Dispel and SW:P aren't bad choices either.

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    Re: Rate my 3.1 shadow pvp spec :]

    F for failed.

    Silence Resolve is a must.

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    Re: Rate my 3.1 shadow pvp spec :]

    ok thanks for the feedback, because im going to be a new priest and i was wondering about this spec.

    so yeah thanks again. 8)

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    Re: Rate my 3.1 shadow pvp spec :]

    We don't even know where the redesigned Psychic Horror (1 talent point) will be placed BUT I'm assuming it will be where you put the 1 point in PH, so if that's the case then no need to worry about that.

    ATM, I'm looking at:


    Note: The 2 points in Martyrdom will probably move pending more upcoming changes in 3.1, for now I just put it there for the 20% interrupt reduction time. I haven't done any serious PVP since TBC so I'm rusty.

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    Re: Rate my 3.1 shadow pvp spec :]

    I think i'll continue to pvp as disc even though I pve as shadow... but if I chose to give pvp shadow a try this is probably what i'd look at doing


    The idea being that you play dot wars and when the time is right, use your cc/silence and finish with a Inner Focus MB/SW combo.

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