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    Glyph of Totem of Wrath

    Hoping some people in these forums got some answers for me here, that has tested this out on the PTR.

    # Glyph of Totem of Wrath: When you cast Totem of Wrath, you gain 30% of the totem's bonus spell power for 5 min

    So, here is the deal.
    You cast the totem and you get 84 spell power. However, it stands that you only need to cast the totem, not have it out.
    My guild is currently raiding with 2 elemental shamans, where i am the one who is lucky enough to use searing totem on those fights where it is not needed to "spread" out.

    Have anyone tested this out? that is is a 5min buff with the simple press of one button. and does not disappear when you cast another fire totem?

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    Re: Glyph of Totem of Wrath

    have not been able to find the Glyph on the ptr..to test it

    This work of art was made by Paz.

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    Re: Glyph of Totem of Wrath

    This is probably the single most annoying thing I have encountered in the PTR.

    I do not mind paying 1000g for dual spec on live. But for testing purposes, should be free on PTR.

    What you won't find are any of the new glyphs. Why? Because for some dumb reason, Inscriptionists have to DISCOVER them first, so they are very rare. Most reg glyphs are going for around 200g, and the rare ones are ridiculous prices, like 800. Why Blizz could not have just made them all trainable for testing purposes I do not know. But for the life of me I cannot find Stoneclaw Glyph, and when I do I don't doubt it will be 1000g.

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    Re: Glyph of Totem of Wrath

    the way the glyph is described, to me it sounds like a personal buff that stays on once you cast the totem, for 5 minutes, regardless of what totems you cast afterward

    thats just my interpretation... a ptr confirmation would be super tho

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    Re: Glyph of Totem of Wrath

    be great to actually test it. To me it sounds like you'll get a buff that increases ToW to you by 30% so if you have no ToW buff, there's nothing to increase. Would be nice if it increased by something that scales like a % of your intellect. Like 10% or even better since we have such crappy coefficients, 15%.

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    Re: Glyph of Totem of Wrath

    The glyph gives you a 5 min based off the SP of the ToW. When you place ToW down you get the buff of +84 SP for 5 min. Regardless if ToW is active.

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