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    [LUA] Frame Interaction?

    Hey all,
    i'm currently redoing my UI, and i'm wondering how i can interact with other addon' frames. Basically, i'm wanting to make a small addon. What it'll be, is a frame, with a button inside. Basically, i want to be able to click it once to toggle between hiding and showing a frame (that i know the name of). At the same time, i want it toggle hide and show with another frame. By this, i mean, when one is visible, the other is hidden, and vice versa.

    Currently, i'm wanting to work with the Recount and DTM main frames, which are called;

    However, i might/probably will be interested in extending this to other frames.

    If interacting with another addons frames isn't possible, is there a way of "brute forcing" a command to run (i.e.
    "/recount toggle", etc)?

    It's my first step into LUA, and i've previously worked with Delphi (the layout of LUA seems quite similar). I'm used to the traditional "Download and arrange" for making my UI. However, i think it's about time i went a little bit further this time, as i do want a UI that'll work for me, but without having to just "be happy with what i get given".

    I did a search here, as well as on Google, and WoWWiki, but no such luck.


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    Re: [LUA] Frame Interaction?

    Use Omen, and use a "/recount toggle/omen toggle" macro. So much easier than what you want.

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