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    Alert Addon

    I am looking for an addon, that alerts when like, Hamstring is running out on the target, it shows some text in the middle of screen, something like "Hamstring is going out!" , "Rend is going out!" , "Piercing Howl is going out!". If you know what I mean.

    Is there such an addon?


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    Re: Alert Addon

    Might not be exactly what you want but have a look here:

    I use it for my druid for keeping bleeds always up.

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    Re: Alert Addon

    Not an alert, but you can use ClassTimers or NeedToKnow. Both are very effective, probably more so than alerts, which you can miss.

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    Re: Alert Addon

    Okay Thanks, I will check it out!

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    Re: Alert Addon

    Also have a look at PowerAuras ... it's essentially a buff/debuff watcher for yourself, your target, your focus, etc. You can set it up to flash text, flash graphics, icons, etc. You can animate them, or just display them - pretty much anything you want.

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