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    Looking for names of these addons.

    From the front page... i am wondering what the raid frames on the right are, as well as the party frames (if they are not the same thing), the tooltip addon, and the action bars with the big cooldown numbers. Thanks.

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    Re: Looking for names of these addons.

    Looks like pitbull unitframes (you can set up pitbull raid frames like that).
    Not sure about the tooltip addon, might be cowtip, could be tinytip, could be tiptop.
    Actionbars look like bartender, not sure about the cooldowns, probably omniCC.

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    Re: Looking for names of these addons.

    Yeah, this UI is using Pitbull for all it's UF's - player, target, party, and raid.

    Could be almost any tooltip mod. I can fairly easily get the same info in a Cowtip tooltip.

    Could be any bar mod. Dominoes and Bartender4 are the most popular. Cooldown count is probably OmniCC.
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    Re: Looking for names of these addons.

    chat looks like prat and buffs look like elkks as well

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