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    Re: Own instance: Castle Gilneas

    Always loved shadowfang keep more than anything.
    I loved this as much as I love shadowfang keep.
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    Re: Own instance: Castle Gilneas

    Looks very nice except for a single attack that the 4th boss uses.

    Curse of Wrath: Generates 10 rage or 10 runepower or 10 energie or 800 Mana in the second. All Abilities cost tree times as much. If the affected player has more than 3sek the maximum of his Rage/Runepower/Energie/Mana the curse deals 100k Damage to him. This is the only curse that can be cast on the maintank.

    This would be the bane of rogues as most of our abilities would go above our max in cost example would Sinister stikre talented cost 40*3=120 energy which we would only have if we had vigor and glyph of vigor. The attacks we could use would also be on too long cooldowns to keep us alive.

    Made a quick check and found 3 attacks i could use. Feint 20 energy 8 sec cooldown. Blade flurry 25 energy 2 min cooldown and tricks of the trade 15 energy 30 sec cooldown. Off course we could suvive by using Feint, but we would be reduced to white attacks during a time where other classes would go nuts to survive and we would only have 1 sec to use it in as 8 sec cooldown 20*3=60 energy cost means we would have been on max for 2 sec when the cooldown finishes so even minimal lag would kill us.
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    Re: Own instance: Castle Gilneas

    Ok I did some reworking to the instance.

    First: I reworked the description of the instance because I wanted that the players have the feeling to be a part of a larger attack on the castle and it shouldn´t be like other raids where the raid group is the only attacking group.

    Second: I increased the difficulty of Grenns and Thendrals first phase and lowered the difficulty of the second phase of Neltharu.

    Third: Added the first achievments I worked out for the instance.
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    Re: Own instance: Castle Gilneas

    good job
    no im not always gonna put in a lot of thought when i post
    and not all my posts are serious/true

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    Re: Own instance: Castle Gilneas

    Good job indeed, just thinking about doing that instance makes me happy.

    I also like that noone talked about LOOT, that soooo boring.

    We play WoW just for the challence, not loot right. ;D

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    Re: Own instance: Castle Gilneas

    I think you did a great job here! Sounds realy exiting!. I realy like to kick ass again of those furry but's from the worg's!

    Altho i think some parts need a PTR xD they just seem impossible.

    Howlong did it take you to make up all this?

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    Re: Own instance: Castle Gilneas

    This sounds awesome tbh. Altough tbh, my main concern is the insane amounts of skills/attacks some bosses have. But then again: Challenge!
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    Re: Own instance: Castle Gilneas

    Quote Originally Posted by Abelino

    Howlong did it take you to make up all this?
    Well I took me 2 months. But thinking out the bosses and their abilities was most of the work.
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    Re: Own instance: Castle Gilneas

    Looks really great, but I would rather have Gilneas open like a zone as an introduction to a Maelstrom / South Seas expansion. Maybe attacked or something, and they open up for help against naga's or w.e.. But thats just me :

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    Re: Own instance: Castle Gilneas

    damn it was fun to read; hope to see an instance like this one

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    Re: Own instance: Castle Gilneas

    Great work. It has everything that boys love: Castle assault, werewolves, it.

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    Re: Own instance: Castle Gilneas

    I love it lmao.

    more people really need to read this!
    Someone, continue posting this or something?
    With a few changes and fixes, this could really be an amazing instance ;D ;D ;D ;D

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    Re: Own instance: Castle Gilneas

    Thanks Bellomourn. The Problem is you can´t keep a topic up all the time. Especially not in the official forums. Many People only are to lazy to read the whole text so the topic goes down very quickly.
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    Re: Own instance: Castle Gilneas

    Holy shit TL;DR

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    Re: Own instance: Castle Gilneas

    This instance would be so fucking epic. I love your Work, please keep it up.

    Hope to read a new instance from you soon ;D ;D

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    Re: Own instance: Castle Gilneas

    /cast reanimation

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    Re: Own instance: Castle Gilneas

    That's badass


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