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    any DoTimer pros here?

    Anyone can help me config my do timers?

    I would like to have timers on my

    Horn Of Winter and
    Unholy Blight, that is buffs that i throw on myself.

    Frost fever
    Blood Plague that is debuffs that is on my target.

    I only manages to see ONLY target or me, target, party, all mobs around... thats to much. i wanna see ME and TARGET.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: any DoTimer pros here?

    Easy. Uninstall it and get NeedToKnow, or ClassTimers if you're lazy.

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    Re: any DoTimer pros here?

    thanks, will try it out noaw

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    Re: any DoTimer pros here?

    w/e you installed isn't DoTimers, the current version has a list for targets, yourself, CDs and party buffs.

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