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    QQ at an all time high?

    I was raiding 25man ToC last night and someone started the lich king intro to anub, and before the floor dropped i waterwalked like half the raid. I wasn't sure if it would work or not, but when it dropped everyone fell and died. All my friends on vent were cracking up in binds, but the raid flipped shit. At first they blamed the dk's, but quickly they found out it was me. A bunch of people opened up trade asking for 10g. 10 freaking gold. A buddy of mine that I do 3's and 5's with kicked me out of both teams because I refused to pay him. My guild leader made a remark about stuff like that being the reason I wasn't getting promoted to core raider. Seriously? They can't handle losing 10g? But when a tank fucks up or a healer dies and wipes the raid nobody goes crying to them for gold.

    Anyone else have any QQ stories to share?

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    Re: QQ at an all time high?

    Dick move.

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    Re: QQ at an all time high?

    Quote Originally Posted by TWolfeIA
    Dick move.
    Aww come on. It's hilarious =D

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    Re: QQ at an all time high?

    That was a bit of a dick move but my guild does it every week and frankly it's freakin hilarious when you see some people go splat xD But yes i've had that when doin UK and going out the front to go up to UP i've put on path of frost (Not to kill people) and left it on after i've jumped and kill my entire group and getting kicked as a result only to get reinvited and paying everyone 20g (Sif it costs that much >_>)

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    Re: QQ at an all time high?

    Quote Originally Posted by TWolfeIA
    Dick move.

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    Re: QQ at an all time high?

    Quote Originally Posted by TWolfeIA
    Dick move.
    Indeed, but it's funny ^_^

    But yeah OP, your guild took it way too seriously...
    I mean it's just a game :S
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    Re: QQ at an all time high?

    Well, I post frequently on this one WoW based website, and I see ALOT of QQ topics all the time. Mostly elitists crying about ezmode WotLK PvE. Seen a lot Retardin threads too, where they QQ that they don't have anything to counter casters.

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    Re: QQ at an all time high?

    hmm, 1. you refuse to pay them, 2. you actually think accidental wipe and you doing something intentionally to annoy your raid are the same thing.

    I enjoy a good joke, and in my guild we've done this a few times but if any of us was to ask that person for gold repair i would expect that he would shell that cash out without being a dick about it. Now if you will gladly pay whoever ask you for the repair cost or no one was strap for time and just wanted to 1 shot that bug and get back to RL then yeah... good joke.
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    I'm baffled that something this simple can be so hard for some people... I guess we can't blame blizzard for dumbing down the game any longer, because apparently it very much needed :

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    Re: QQ at an all time high?

    To put water walking on half the raid it would have taken a fair bit of time, if you don't watch your own buffs and fail to notice water walking its just as much your own fault imo.

    I have wiped a 5 man in AN with path of frost, everyone just lol'd

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    Re: QQ at an all time high?

    I think its hilarious. I usually do it one person but not half the raid but come one its just one death. If you cant shell out 10g then you are probably that guy who isnt flasked. Go do one quest to make up for that death.
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    Re: QQ at an all time high?

    Because making gold is so hard to do now-a-days. I mean if you've been wiping for hours and just wanna get it done or something then I could understand them getting pissed but it's just funny.

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    Re: QQ at an all time high?

    K, so. You actually compared an accidental death to an intentional one? Srs?

    While our Shamans do this in ToGC to our raid leader, he's come to expect it. He's also the only one that gets WWing. Doing it to half the raid.. it's kind of a dick move. I wouldn't ask for the repairs or anything, you'd just be that stupid Shaman from now on.

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    Re: QQ at an all time high?

    How can you not expect people to hate you for this? Yeah, funny to one person maybe, but when the whole raid is potted up/buffed up etc, you're just costing everyone alot of money and slowing down the raid. So....

    Quote Originally Posted by TWolfeIA
    Dick move.
    If a shaman tells you that he can't tank, he's just not doing it right.

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    Re: QQ at an all time high?

    Doing a gearnoobs run of 25man Naxx about half of the raid was PUGs. Before we started the four horsemen a bunch of people went AFK for a bit and we were all joking around about pulling. I then proceeded to Death Gate, Death Grip, and leave.
    Vent was quite hilarious.

    Fun times.

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    Re: QQ at an all time high?

    I just asked the shaman in my raid to waterwalk people at this point in the raid. He did, and we both laughed alot. Classic good fun
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    Re: QQ at an all time high?

    I always pop bubble just before i land in the water =P but i was in AN with my firends shaman i WWed everybody <3 best nerdrage i heared in weeks

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    Re: QQ at an all time high?

    Sounds to me like your raid needs l2aimdown whenever dropping into water. It's saved my ass countless times!
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    Sure. When I wake up in the middle of the night with a full tank, I just flip back the curtain and let it flow.

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    Re: QQ at an all time high?

    i wouldnt ask for the 10g, but i know alot of 2srs crybaby hardcore elitist faggots that would cry endlessly about it

    10g is worth a laugh, even if i die, it fucking hilarious

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    Re: QQ at an all time high?

    raiding is teh srs bizness

    I've done this several times, too, including a LOT of summoning off cliffs, and people just lose their mind with rage.

    It's a damn shame, but those people play WoW. No one can take a joke these days.

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    Re: QQ at an all time high?

    We do this every week to one of our rogues, kills him everytime, funny as hell

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