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    Pain and Suffering vs. Haste

    I've been thinking about Pain and Suffering and how haste affects it.
    Sometimes, I Mind Flay twice in a row. With haste, my Mind Flays are on a 2.71 seconds cast.
    Shadow Word: Pain ticks every 3rd second, so when I mind Flay twice with this amount of haste, I should be renewing SW:P before it has time to tick.
    How much does this affect my dps, losing a tick on SW:P like this?
    Anyone who have done the mats on this?

    I've been thinking about only spending one point in Pain and Suffering instead, but even then there's a chance you'll refresh your SW:P and lose a tick if you Mind Flay twice in a row...


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    Re: Pain and Suffering vs. Haste

    It doesn't refresh the tick counter, it simply refresh the amount of "internal stacks".

    Think of it as Deadly Poison.

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    Re: Pain and Suffering vs. Haste

    That's what I thought it did, but I got unsure when somehow my Scrolling Combat Text seemed to miss displaying the SW:P ticks. I did some testing and my combat log clearly shows them! :-)

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    Re: Pain and Suffering vs. Haste

    And if anything, haste allows you to get to first Mind Flay tick, to refresh SW:P *faster*, which is good in fights that involves movement (Malygos, Sartharion, Hodir, Iron Council), or multi dotting several targets allowing you to refresh faster (Sartharion, Malygos P2, Freya)

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    Re: Pain and Suffering vs. Haste

    I decided to stack enough haste so I got my Mind Flay down to under 2.75 seconds. That way, I can squeeze in 2 Mind Flays just before the MB cooldown ends. I'm not aiming on stacking more now, but I don't turn down an item with haste either.

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