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    Icecrown Raid ideas! Post then Here!

    I think there should be a quest where the lich king takes you into his fortress (such as, maybe the Icecrown citadel attunement quest) and removes all your gear, and you get to sit there as he tortures other people around you, until he finally gets to you, and you start getting c'thun like whispers from frostmourne, telling you it's hungry for your soul and such. not just text, like, whispers that you can hear.

    and then just as he's about to kill you, you get saved by jaina proudmoore, who teleports you to safety and reluctantly gives you the quest to accompany Darion Mograine, Tiroin Fordring, and the rest of the Argent Crusade on a final Siege against Icecrown.

    The beginning of the raid would basically be an entirely phased icecrown, that would be only accessable to a raid group. the raid would have to use vehicles to fight their way through the endless hordes of undead, with a "boss" located at the steps of the Citadel. After a fight with the boss, you get the key to the citadel. The lich king appears and beckons you to join him, but before leaving, grabs jaina and disappears into the citadel.

    Now, this is where it gets...new...the raid has to split, most likely in two ways. One follows Tiron, the other follows Darion. Each group has to help each other through a series of events, until both converge on the first real raid boss. With the help of Tiron and Darion, you defeat the boss, and soon after, the Lich king appears to taunt you. After the brief intercession, darion runs off after the lich king to exact revenge, while tirion takes a moment to let the raid catch their breath (drink, distribute loot and such), and when prompted (like arthas in the CoT: Strat) the raid sets off to follow darion. Down the next corridor, You'll find darion banging against a door, and while tirion helps with the door, mobs will swarm the area. Players must protect the two npc's until a new boss shows up, which won't be terribly hard to fight, but the door will only open when the creature is dead and gone.

    After that fight and a few others (don't want to list ALL the bosses we'd have to fight our way through) we finally come to the Lich Kings throne, where he is just about to torture Jaina. Darion steps forth and instead, takes the blade for her. Through this act of self-sacrifice, he start to absorb as much of the lich king's strength as he can, before being tossed aside, apparently dead. The conflict then takes a turn, as Tirion, enraged and bewildered by the sacrifice made by Darion (which would probably remind him of the way his own son died) attacks arthas head on. This raid steps in and the fight starts phase 1 of the Lich King encounter.

    This phase is a simple one, with Add's spawning through the lich kings army of the dead ability, which have to be offtanked and killed so the lich king can't death pact them. after about 20% the lich king stuns the room, before moving back to fight alone with tirion. At this point the raid has to Dps the lich king down to 50% before a certain timer reaches zero, and the raid wipes.

    At 50%, the lich king stops messing around at this point, and blasts tirion away, casting a dark spell and stealing the life of the raid over 5 seconds, and reducing the raids health to about 5% stunning them, while healing himself up to full. Finally, just before the final stroke can be taken, Darion, with the ashbringer in hand (the true ashbringer, mind you) takes a hard swing at the lich king, taking his heallth down to where it was previously, before the lich king can knock him away. this is the "burn phase" where the lich king is finally weak enough to the raid to take him down. he has a soft enrage every 30 seconds, where he'll empower Frostmourne and try to such the life out a random raid members, who must be healed through it (or the channel must be cancelled by melee, otherwise the effect kills the raid member and raises him as a raid level zombie under the lich kings control.

    Finally at the last phase, at about 25%, The leaders of the Alliance and the Horde arrive to help, and buff the crap out of the raid. Just as they help, the lich king calls on all of his power, enraging. This is the final phase, where you either kill the lich king in time, or your buffs fade and he destroys the raid.

    After a final victory over the lich king, jaina laments over his body as his life ends. he tells her, going between arthas and the lich king, how he wished things might have been different (arthas with a good story, the lich king with succeeding in ruling azeroth). After all is said and done, Darion laments as well, saying his purpose in the world has been done, and all that is left for him are the memories of death. Tirion responds by telling him how much like his father he truly is, and that he would be proud. Darion takes up Frostmourne, which has lost much of it's power due to the lich kings death, and says the Ebon Blade will vow to protect the sword from the wrong hands, so that this terrible series of events will never occur again.

    At least, that's my version

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    Re: Icecrown Raid ideas! Post then Here!

    i like that its alright, but i prefer the end phase of lich king to be different.

    I reckon what happens is that the raid group gets together at the Skybreaker (the flying ship thingo for alliance, and for horde they get their ship i forget wat its called) and the skybreaker flys to the entrance of the citadel, where tirion and lich king confront, suddenly the fight will begin and tirion will keep arthas busy while you break through the main entrance, so tirion runs off towards arthas and they have their epic fight, this is where armies of undead pour out of the main gate of the citadel, about 15/25 players in the raid will get dropped off at the bottom from the skybreaker, where vehicles and such will await them and use them to their advantage, as that is happening on the ground, in the skybreaker the other 10 players hop onto cannons on the ship and help them out by covering them from any flank attacks or air attacks. after a bit the first boss will come, say hes like the leader of the army that u just killed, so you kill him and loot drops etc. shoulda mentioned that darion was with us leading our raid thru that fight lol, well he was.

    and once we hav gotten prepared we talk to him and then that triggers the next sequence, where the 15 players on the ground will enter the main gate, while the other 10 on the skybreaker fly around another way. the players on the ground will fight their way thru the army of scourge on the ground, while the skybreaker covers them from ranged attacks from above like on top of the huge walls that surround the citadel. the scourge finally realize that the skybreaker is a major threat to them and decide to attack it so the players o nthe ship will see how long they can keep the skybreaker breathing for, its defeat is inevitable but depending on how good you are u can keep it alive till the second boss who will destroy it anywayz but its on those 10 players to keep it alive for as long as possible for additional support, eventually you do get to the second boss who can be a huge motherfucker, and if the skybreaker is still alive he will msot likely destroy it, the ship will crash land and the heroes survive the crash (amazingly :P). all heroes are united together for the rest of the raid and proceed o nthsi second boss, blizz puts wateva they want in here (super spells, evade this, stay in that etc). and you kill him grab loot and wateva, then you fight your way to the frozen throne...

    where the lich king stands but tirion nowhere to be seen and bla bla bla. as your about to pull the building around the throne breaks apart and falls to the ground where its just a giant snow mountain spiraling into the ground, and a giant snowstorm/blizzard comes along. and the first phase starts. it begins as the lich king is on his throne, unattackable, and he summons like 5 necromancers, who create portals. these portals make LOTS of undead, as you think all hope is lost tirion comes out of nowhere and begins to fight arthas. the undead horde approach you, you can fight them but seems very little as massive dmg will be inflicted onto your raid, then tirion will create holy grounds in the snow, tirion can only make little ones that spawn everywhere becuase he cant focus all his power into it cuz he his fighting LK, the raid must stay in the holy ground to get increased dmg to undead, MASSIVELY INCREASED DMG, so you can slaughter them, eventually they will fade away, and you must run to the next holy ground, and to the next and to the next. eventually a holy ground will appear next to a necromancer, this is the raids chance to kill that necromancer and disable the portal it summoned. you repeat this process over and over (each time getting harder) until you kill all necromancers. now its time for phase 2...

    this phase is pretty straight forward, you must support tirion by fighting the lich king, you may not be able to kill him yourself, but you may be able to make him vulnerable so tirion can strike him with the ashbringer. you eventually get to this point and the lich king seems stunned, and just as about tirion is going to make the final blow, lich king thinks that he cant die now as he has come this far, necrotic energy fill the lich king and he picks up tirion and impales him with frostmourne, pretty much fucking him up. think its over? time for phase 3...

    the LK goes into a frenzy and summons some minions. your raid cannot give up yet and there must be a way to kill the lich king. you must kill these minions (make it verryyyy hard). and then you fight the lich king one last time, determining who rules all of azeroth, you are all filled with holy energy and thus the lich king may be slightly harmed to your attacks, but that still isnt enough to kill him. but in the raid, at least ONE hero realizes something, this hero glances at tirions body, next to it.. the ashbringer, this hero has an idea. once you get lich king to say 5% hp he will start to try and heal back up to full hp by using frostmourne to absorb the souls of your raid, he is invulnerable to all attacks from the heroes.. except one. that hero runs up to tirions body, picks up the ashbringer and strikes the lich king with one single blow.. killing him for good.

    after killing the lich king?
    the rest practically writes itself, all scourge (evil undead scourge not player undead) is banished from azeroth, northrend returns to normal and most of lordaeron and other scourge tainted areas are restored to normal and lordaeron looks like elwynn forest lolololol.


    Raid leader: ZOMG [Frostmourne] DKs roll!

    DK 3: */roll* DK 3 rolls a 7 (1-100) QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ

    what do u think?

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    Re: Icecrown Raid ideas! Post then Here!

    a raid entrance at the end of another raid, and then do that again 'till you get to the true endboss
    the ensidia ban was clever marketing

    oh noes, someone is using engineering

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