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    Re: Disc Priest PVP SOOOO OP!!!!!! 3.1

    Quote Originally Posted by danightryder
    priest being op will push rogue teams to the top again. Extreamly good control and CC, mana burn and dispells. Since hunters, dk's, and paladins are getting a few nerfs and thats teams that are right now dominating the arena's and priest survivability is going through the roof, I wouldn't be surprise if this was to happen.
    Paladins still have better survival, cc. Bubble, cleanse.
    Priests are not op either.

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    Re: Disc Priest PVP SOOOO OP!!!!!! 3.1

    after 3.1 priest will have huge survivability (if not oom that is) and as i said, Mana burns and dispell bubble will make it even better vs paladins. And what kinda CC paladins have over priest?! ALL healers RUN from priest, and try to piller kite mana burns, Thats CC right there cause unless ur a druid if ur moving ur not healing so ur teammate should be getting their team mate low in health, not to mention fear and mind control. U just gotta know WHEN to use ur CD. If he Freedom himself switch to his teammate, if he freedoms his teammate huge burst and mana drains on the paladin while he's perma slowed from the rogue.
    I want to have a child and use it as a pulling tool in dungeons.

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