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    Heroic Occulus - Red Void

    What's the best way to do this achievement nowadays since the all emerald kite trick has been patched? Is all-amber really that hard to coordinate?

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    Re: Heroic Occulus - Red Void

    All amber is a pain if you don't set up the rotations properly or get too many whelps. I just did it with some guildies and I think it took us like seven tries to get it down.

    We had four of us start off doing the rift and the fifth would shoot him and then we swapped and he used the rift and we shot him until we got ten, then back and forth all while keeping the time stops going and killing whelps. If you can get him to 50% by the time he phases out, you are on track.

    Good luck

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    Re: Heroic Occulus - Red Void

    Get on vent and use 5 ambers.

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    Re: Heroic Occulus - Red Void

    As stated before use ambers. When I did it, we did 3 people channeling and 2 people attacking and rotating that way. This worked after 2-3 attempts

    The other way with 4 people attacking and 1 person channeling and rotating that way, we spent hours-days doing that terribly.

    Quitting the fail that WoW has become when Aion comes out. No point to play hardcore when any idiot can have the same gear as you.

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