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    Healing Prayer

    My wondering is if Healing prayers will be worth it in the Patch?
    on live atm I am not specc'd into it- due to I only cast it 4-5 times a fight normally

    But when its raid wide castable It's soon going to become my awesome new raid heal ... just is the 400 mana saved enough to justify getting this talent?

    At most for any mass raid dmg event, you'll only get off 2-3 poh's before everyone is fully topped by other priests, shamans etc... so 800-1200 mana an event could be saved with HP.

    Tho if you have enough mp5/mana return, I think you can choose to better spend the talents elsewhere. For a deep holy spec tho imo, Yes Get It.

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    Re: Healing Prayer

    Think about all the Prayer of Mendings you cast too. They are cheap, but it adds up. You can't get all the shiny talents in a deep holy build though sadly.

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    Re: Healing Prayer

    though when the raid does take AoE dmg and u cast PoH remember when glyphed the 6 second HoT now associated with it. guess what i tried it and over 6 seconds its an extra 1500 per person so that by 5 and u get a larger number. anyway just another little boost to get ya on top of the Heal meters

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    Re: Healing Prayer

    -20% Prayer of mending cost? Yes please! i spam it all the day

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