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    Skinning Vs Alchemy

    Hello guys/girls...

    Im a raiding Hunter that have in this moment Skinning + Leatherworking.
    But im thinking of switching skinning for Alchemy.

    My argument is:

    + 4hours flasktime
    + Cheap mana pots (Crazy alchemist´s potion)

    - I loose the critbonus

    Is it worth it? Have i missed some arguments?

    Over and Out

    Edit: I have a grind alt herb/mining

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    Re: Skinning Vs Alchemy

    Well, you did forget that Alchemy increases the effects of elixirs and flasks, not just the duration. If you're gonna change profession, maybe JCing would be a better option, but if you're set on Skinning VS Alchemy, Alchemy is (probably) the better.

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    Re: Skinning Vs Alchemy

    with alchemy's mixology, u should get around 240 attack power from the flask of endless rage ( assuming thats what you raid with)

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    Re: Skinning Vs Alchemy

    didnt know about the "Mixolody" actually... weird that i havent heard bout that before. Then its settled, i will switch to alc ;D

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    Re: Skinning Vs Alchemy

    I'm actually in a similar situation and was going to ask the same however I have herbalism+skinning but skinning doesn't really do me justice in the gold department and has no other real perks.

    How much gold would it take to get Alchemy to 400 and how long would it take?

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    Re: Skinning Vs Alchemy

    Keep skinning! in next expansion skinning will get its second proffersional where its needed :< or atleast go farm some pigs outside of durotar

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    Re: Skinning Vs Alchemy

    For a main raiding character I dont take gathering proffessions. I myself use Alchemy and LW. Have an alt do your gathering.

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    Re: Skinning Vs Alchemy

    Quote Originally Posted by balzazal
    Keep skinning! in next expansion skinning will get its second proffersional where its needed :< or atleast go farm some pigs outside of durotar
    1. Dont listen to this. Do not base your profs now on the fact that skinning may become valuable in 16 months.

    2. You should have an alt do your skinning for you anyways, or if thats your only toon, do daily quests and buy any leather you need cheap off a guildy.

    3. Alchemy is super duper cheap and easy to level if youre willing to spend 2 minutes a day for a month. Transmuting, once per day, will make you a profit and get you 35 skill points. I leveled alch from 375 to 430 alchemy for about 100g. And going from 0 to 375 alchemy, I dont see costing more then 600g if you ah all the mats and follow an economical leveling guide.


    4. Any serious min/maxing raider has JC and either LW or Enchanting as their proffs. Personally I prefer JC/Enchant, but since you already have LW, its good enough. I would seriously consider dropping the skinning for JC if you have the gold. It will cost about 2000g to power level, but its worth it. It lets you get meta socket requirements easier, it lets you pick up socket bonuses you would otherwise miss, and you get the same ap bonus from it that all proffs give, since theyve been standardized. It is also by far the most profitable prof. You can do the JC daily in 6 minutes and sell the dragons eye reward for 150 to 300g depending on the server. Not to mention the ridiculous gold you make from prospecting ore, and cutting and selling gems.

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    Re: Skinning Vs Alchemy

    Skinning is still very valuable for leatherworking, but that's about all skinning is valuable for.

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    Re: Skinning Vs Alchemy

    If you intend to make gold, don't take jewelcrafting. With every person rerolling JC/ blacksmithing usually for raiding its impossible to sell any gems etc on the server (ores sell but not as well as they did say a few months back) its hard to make gold with.

    skinning never struck me as a great money maker - granted I'd make stuff and then DE it on another toon. alchemy well - I have 3 alchemists with all specialisations and if you are intelligent it makes a lot of gold, as well as the fact you can supply yourself with 4 hour flasks and crazy alchemist potions.

    Alchemy is ftw. Don't be yet another sheep jumping on the JC bandwagon then QQing in 2 months if it gets nerfed.

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