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    Which Scroll of Enchant _____ Sell?

    I've recently levelled enchanting up to replace mining and I'm curious what you guys find the best scrolls to sell are.
    Secondly, do you buy the mats from the AH and sell the chants? Or do you farm the mats?

    I would also love some nice farming places for greens to DE if anyone knows any.

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    Re: Which Scroll of Enchant _____ Sell?

    The best selling scrolls for me are pretty much anything that involves weapons, Greater Savagery, Massacre and Berserking all sell for well over the actual cost of mats. As for the mats, I do farm the majority of them, but some mats (like Abyss Crystals) really aren't farmable so often times I purchase them, then enchant and sell the scroll.

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    Re: Which Scroll of Enchant _____ Sell?

    On my server, the high end weapon(berserk, massacre, greater savagery, accuracy) sell for above mat costs, as do the glove enchants(precision, armsman, major agility).

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    Re: Which Scroll of Enchant _____ Sell?

    personally I found that lower lvl enchants like 28 spellpwr or Icewalker on boots have the best profit-margin.
    With high end enchants you only make about 120% of mat-costs, with low level up to 200%

    of course this only counts for useful ones like the ones listed

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    Re: Which Scroll of Enchant _____ Sell?

    mongoose sells very very well still
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    Re: Which Scroll of Enchant _____ Sell?

    Spell Power

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