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    No Kologarn 10 man loot up yet :/

    No Skill - US Smolderthorn just killed the 10 man version of Kologarn on the PTR and he did not drop any loot besides a Certificate of Appreciation which you combine with 39 other tickets to get a item. Just thought I would share this info incase anyone was wondering what 10 man dropped. Noskill.us is our website.

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    Re: No Kologarn 10 man loot up yet :/

    LOL blizz GG Once again
    Quote Originally Posted by Nowyn
    All the screams of "WoW is dying" is just stupid to me. Their numbers keep going up, how do you explain that? Personally I get really tired of WoW, wait let me rephrase that, personally I get tired of the morons I have to put with when I play WoW. Morons who think that they are entitled something, morons who whimper about the old days when they were screaming about how boring MC was and how they wanted to claw their eyes out. I wish you people could hear/read what you say/post sometimes.

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