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    Ulduar hard or not ???

    Ok this post is for people that tried Ulduar in the PTR

    Are we gonna start back to put some strategie in the instance or we still just AoE everything up in there?
    Are we gonna use more potion and food buff or we still do like naxx ?
    Are we gonna work on boss or not ?

    And finally if u can rank it comparing old instance in BC, wich one it will be

    Thx for the one that will take time to answer at this post , I'd like to get an idea of what is coming

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    Re: Ulduar hard or not ???

    gl aoeing 2 mobs that both of them hits for 10k normal hits + in addon with some stuff bites you for up to 50k nature damage in melee range
    gl aoeing pack of mobs with the big mob inside there whilst the little ones getting +100% damage boost each due to that

    gl for asking questions that are only answerable until 3.1 is live and things may change alot

    oh, addon - you WILL for sure work your asses out on bosses, no question about that

    edit - you can compare thrash and some of the bosses to the ungimped kael'thas or at some point to ungimped mother, up to you. theres also this general boy with totally new and unique abilities to be handled for casuals - another GL for that :P

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    Re: Ulduar hard or not ???

    You cant really compare it just yet.

    For a starter there isnt any thrash up yet and the bosses are all done on the easy mode testing atm. It is your own (or guilds) choice to make an encounter harder. Therefor you cant easily compare it, but i would say the easy modes are a bit easier than mag / gruul, when they were still hard and not nerfed etc. :P

    But again, it all depends on how hard you want to make the encounter yourself.

    Another thing is the skill of our fellow players. For example, take sartharion with 3 drakes. If 5 people die on void zones (lolwut?, they are blue and you cant see it o.O) you will make the encounter harder because you will need to compensate for those people aswell.

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    Re: Ulduar hard or not ???

    Just a guess but,
    I'd say it'll be SSC/TK level since, you know, that's what it's supposed to be..

    Just like Naxx is a farm-fest like kara was.
    First tier is easy, second is harder and third is the hardest. (unless they do what they did in BC and add a fourth, even harder, instance tier.)

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    Re: Ulduar hard or not ???

    Ok so there's no trash mobs yet in the instance? I didn't knew about that.

    Well I was asking that to know if it will be no AoE on trash and need to CC a little

    Honestly kara was hard at the begining and it's even not comparable with Naxx that's why I want it to know if Ulduar will be lvl range of gruul's and maggy pre-nerf

    I saw a lot of guild kill the boss on 25 so no they dont just do it on 10men if this was the harder mode u was talking about

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