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    Looking for Disc PVP feedback

    For those big PVPers out there, I'm looking to get some feedback on the gear and stat mix that's working for you.

    When I first started I had no pvp gear so with each piece I got I focused on Crit while sacrificing Spirit. My thinking was that I'm getting taken down so easily in both arena and BG that I need to focus on short term survivability (i.e. crit) since regen doesn't really matter if you're dead =/

    Now I'm at the point where I'm in almost full PVP gear and soon to be ~740 resilience with about 20k health. Naturally staying alive isn't as hard anymore, but since I live so damn long I'm constantly dealing with mana problems.

    Part of it is spec (I need more points in Rapture), but most of it is also my significant lack of spirit and regen. What have you found to be a good balance as Disc? About half crit and half spirit pvp gear? Or do you weigh more heavily to one rather than the other?

    I have a feeling there's no certain answer b/c I've seen awesome disc priests that are in full crit gear, others in full spirit gear, and others in a mix. But lemme know what you think anyway.

    FYI, right now my holy crit is around 20%, but regen is a measly 326 (104 casting). Spell damage is 1638 unbuffed.

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    Re: Looking for Disc PVP feedback

    most top rated priest have all spirit offset and at least 3/4 mooncloth set pieces, depending on if you want both the res set bonuses

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