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    Re: Lightwell Change Proposal

    Quote Originally Posted by Scrubbzie
    for holy pvp purposes the lightwell has to be killable because otherwise it would be considerably OP
    Would it REALLY be that OP? Sure if costs no mana for someone to click on, but, isn't the HoT it puts on you dispellable?

    Could always change the number of charges it has in the arena. There are many talents that have a reduced duration or effect in the arena, so they could always just change the lightwell to have like, 5 charges, and maybe reduce the amount of damage you can take before the heal effect wears off.

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    Re: Lightwell Change Proposal

    Well, holy priests are quite overpowered in PVP at the moment.

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    Re: Lightwell Change Proposal

    Quote Originally Posted by Abandon
    Well, holy priests are quite overpowered in PVP at the moment.

    Almost as overpowered as shadow priests! :

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    Re: Lightwell Change Proposal

    well at least we have a guaranteed opness of 15 or 20 glyphed secs, provided that your partner don't los of you.

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    Re: Lightwell Change Proposal

    Suggestion for lightwell: instead of a spell, make it a proc. something like 4% chance on casting flash/greater heal to summon a lightwell at the targets location, instantly applying a hot on the closest 5 targets(smart heal 10yd range). Its obvious that lightwell is the most efficient heal in terms of theory, but the biggest problem is that nobody clicks on the damn thing. There are of course other issues to, it kicking the bucket, being stationary (grobb), etc... anyway, anyone like?

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    Re: Lightwell Change Proposal

    Hmm, I like the idea of proccing on healing spells, but I think a more realistic implementation then would be to make you still cast the Lightwell and while it's out your healing spells have a chance to proc extra healing from the well.

    Another idea would be that while Lightwell is up anyone who's still hurt after a Flash Heal or whatever from you would get healed by the well (preferably with a small instant heal and not the normal Lightwell hot). That would cost a charge from the well then and it would still be clickable for the ordinary effect.

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    Re: Lightwell Change Proposal

    I'm rather fond of the idea that lightwell could proc an extra heal on one of your normal heals. That would really make it useful for once. And its kinda reminiscent of shamans. They use totems to enhance some of their heals. We could use a lightwell to enhance some of our heals. Would be sweet.
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    Re: Lightwell Change Proposal

    My idea for lightwell:

    Whenever a damagad ally (under 75% orso) comes within 10 y( can be changed) of the lightwell, a HoT effect is applied healing the target for 1500/3000/4500 over 30 seconds ( can be changed, affected by healing ofc) so 100 healing every second. Whenever the targets clicks the Lightwell, the duration is refreshed and the effect increased by 100% ( or50%, or 150% doesnt matter for the idea)
    Whenever the target is at 100% health, the HoT dissapears and heals 5 / 10 targets within 10y range for the remaining healing on the HoT ( after 15 seconds, 1500 healing to the targets)+ 10% of the full HoT. The target is also affected by lightyness ( or something :P ) which prevents the target being affected by the Lightwell HoT for 15 / 30 seconds. Lasts 10 clicks or 1 or 2 minutes. A maximum of X targets can affected by lightwell at the same time.

    For example make it targetable for enemies but let it not untarget users. This way you have a long HoT, 30 seconds, and when the HoT becomes useless ( at 100% ) it dissapears and heals allies.

    my 2 cents, i dont play priest ( holy paladin pve) so i dont know how the right numbers, what would make it OP, the duration of the hot, the number of targets affected etc, its just an example, feel free to change the numbers ^^ :P

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    Re: Lightwell Change Proposal

    sweet, I'm liking the ideas now there are a lot of good communication. I seriously hope Blizzard does something to make lightwell not completely suck.

    Having the lightwell top off heal while it's out is pretty interesting. That's kinda like a shammy though with it's guardians when they crit heal to heal the lowest person for X amount. I hope blizz is listening to this.

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    Re: Lightwell Change Proposal

    you think with all the things blizzard is fiddling with, this would be one of them

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