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    Leveling specc for a Priest

    Hey guys.
    I've finally decided to up my priests who is currently lvl 50. I've been leveling in holy specc and well, you can guess that it doesn't go very quickly (hopefully most of my levels were gained throw speed runs, thank god).
    Anyway, i'm looking for a specc that will enable me to kill mobs fast without burning down too much mana. Got anything for me ?

    Regards, Solesa

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    Re: Leveling specc for a Priest


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    Re: Leveling specc for a Priest

    Wanna be efficient? Shadow. Wanna be different? Discipline.

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    Re: Leveling specc for a Priest

    Have you tried this spec?

    I used it while leveling in northrend and it worked quite well. Didn't had to drink once while leveling and i could down mobs quite fast without ever stopping. Ever. By the time i was OOM shadowfiend was up, then Hymn of Hope was up, then the quest was already done and while jumping to next one mana would regen by itself.

    Rotation is simple, holy fire whenever CD is up and smite away, using dots and mind blast sucks up too much mana (and suck without shadowform).

    The spec is probably gear dependant (i was using t5) and i never tested in your level. But my friend who also leveled a priest tried it and he said it worked quite nice.

    Oh, and after those 40 points stop spending points in holy and go for discipline.

    Key Talents in the spec:
    Spirit tap, imba spirit regen for each mob you kill. This + heirloom trinket should virtually give you infinite mana while lvling.
    Holy Specialization: 5% crit is always awesome, makes you proc surge of light even more
    Divine Fury: Makes you kill things faster
    Searing Light: Ditto
    Spirit of Redemption: Bonus to your regen and spellpower
    Spiritual Guidance: Ditto
    Surge of light: Free instant smite!!
    Bet the rest of the points in the discipline tree, focus on +spirit and +spelldmg,

    when you ding 80 your spec should be something like this:

    Just try it and see how it works for yourself.
    Just a last thing, my priest had around 30% left of the level to ding 77. 14 hours later (12 playtime, i do have to eat and rest youknow :P) he dinged 80 But i had epic flyer and was fully rested and was using BoA shoulders. That's around 4 hours per level. And i used that spec. Shadow would probably be faster but the purpose of the spec was to be able to heal efficiently in instances while being able to solo stuff fast.

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    Re: Leveling specc for a Priest

    Thx a lot mike ! I'll be sure to use that specc. I'm waiting a bit though, I feel as I don't have enough talent points to go deep enough in holy and in disci for youer specc to work. I'll be sure to do it round lvl 60 though

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    Re: Leveling specc for a Priest

    If you can find a friend to start a DK and level from 58 to 80 with it would make it even faster.

    I'm leveling a priest as Disc now with a pally friend going prot.

    He conc and I heal. Wanding on 1-2 mobs pulls

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