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    Rapture in 3.1

    The wording on this is really weird... wondering if someone with a disc priest on PTR can shed some light...

    Do you ONLY get mana back if the shield is destroyed in one hit or dispelled, and ditto for the shielded target rage/mana/etc restoration?

    The talent wording suggests that these only proc if it's destroyed in one hit or dispelled, which seems to be a somewhat useless talent, considering my priest friends say it absorbs 7-8k at 80....

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    Re: Rapture in 3.1

    As far as i know, it gives you mana no matter how it's removed.
    Not sure about dispelling, tho.

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    Re: Rapture in 3.1

    Yes, it states dispelling. It states "Whenever your Power Word: Shield is COMPLETELY absorbed or dispelled" Which made me ask: Does it mean when the shield finishes taking damage, and disappates due to that, or must it take full damage w/ 1 hit?

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    Re: Rapture in 3.1

    To me it seems like "completely" is just there to prevent gaining mana after it dissipates due to time, could easily be wrong tho :P.

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    Re: Rapture in 3.1

    people were clicking them off i believe.

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    Re: Rapture in 3.1

    There's a good chance it won't only give you mana when oneshotted, that would basically make no sense

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    Re: Rapture in 3.1

    Quote Originally Posted by Kexmeister
    There's a good chance it won't only give you mana when oneshotted, that would basically make no sense
    If you check the combatlog when you die, you can see (for instance):
    "Mark of the Wild fades from you."
    "Blessing of Kings fades from you."
    "Power Word: Fortitude fades from you."
    "You die."
    etc etc. All the buff fades at the moment you die, so I guess this sould be no problem.

    For me in PTR both me + the shielded target got the effects if the duration ran out, if it got removed by damage or even if it was clicked off. Although, if I shielded myself I only got the 2.5% effect, not both of them.

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    Re: Rapture in 3.1

    Any kind of removing the buff gives you mana back. Even removing it by just clicking on the buff icon does.
    Tested on PTR.

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