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    Priest - Warlock setup phail?

    Hi I'm a 920 resil 21k hp (buffed) disc priest trying to do some arena. My lock mate may not be the best but locks are pew pew so should be fine. I thought... But as we start playing we can't beat anyone with healing reduction, mana drains etc. what the hell are we doing wrong? gief a guide to pwn or something would make my day if we atleast could hit Just the two of us 1550 xD
    The lock have screwd up HR to I think as we are at 9-9 matches and 1420ish rating.

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    Re: Priest - Warlock setup phail?

    It's very sad that players like this can get 920 resilience and be in full epics.

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    Re: Priest - Warlock setup phail?

    Sometimes people just have bad days, and sometimes people just dont click. Try try try again

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