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    [Priest] Disc 3.1 builds [PVP!]

    I've read quite a lot of on Arenajunkies and it seems that crit is too unreliable.


    I did not take Divine aegis, Holy Specialization, improved flash heal...however, I did take Renewed hope which has the crit talent on it, but it also has the reduction in damage.

    I still have one point lingering over.

    Any criticism on my build. What are some of your builds?

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    Re: [Priest] Disc 3.1 builds [PVP!]


    I'd prefer this one

    I don't like penance, it's way too long casting and more than that, it's channeled.
    Improved flash heal and Divine Aegis are really needed tbh, they are good buff if your arena mate got 50% less hp you critically heals him 10% + and divine aegis extra shield based on 30% of your heals.

    Enlightenment and Meditation are not needed for me, however that's depend of your gear level, if you got enough intel, you will not need nothing to regen that, cause also disc talents increase healing effects, see improved flash heal, focused will and grace, that are more than enough.

    Spell warding is very good if you are burning mana, while your shield, pom and renew is on and with an extra 10% spell dmg reduction, you can easily burn caster mana, without care too much about your health.

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    Re: [Priest] Disc 3.1 builds [PVP!]

    There's already a thread for 3.1 talent builds.
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