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    Stats to aim for, disc and holy, need help

    I keep on getting conflicting opinions from my guild and other priests I have talked to. I am completely unsure of which stats are best for either spec when it comes to pve, I do some mt healing and some raid healing depending on the situation. I frequent 10 man naxx and try to do heroics when my guildies are up for it. Any help would be useful.

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    Re: Stats to aim for, disc and holy, need help

    Especially in 3.1, crit is for disc. For holy haste helps, but you'll still need some crit. The other stats will come automatically since I can't find epic gear (Ilevel 200+) with only crit and int or something like that. It's always: stam, int, regen, spell power and crit or haste.

    So crit for disc.
    And haste for holy (with a little bit crit)

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    Re: Stats to aim for, disc and holy, need help

    IMHO go for crit.

    when i am looking for a upgrade if the gear dont have Spirit, crit and spell power i dont even look at it.

    check my armory...
    all my gear its crit/spirit.


    haste is good too, to bad there no crit/haste/spirit gear =S

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    Re: Stats to aim for, disc and holy, need help

    Make the most of your self, for that's all there is of you.

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    Re: Stats to aim for, disc and holy, need help

    As said above, you'll get Stamina, Intellect, and Spell Power on anything, so there really isn't a whole lot of adjustment to do there, so it's generally a question of Spirit vs. MP5 and Crit vs. Haste, though you will occassionally see MP5 instead of Haste or Crit on some iLevel 200 gear.

    For Discipline, you'll get similar regen from MP5 or Spirit, so it's not really a huge concern. I'd probably still give a slight edge to Spirit because it scales while MP5 doesn't. Between Haste and Crit, you'll almost always favor Crit because pre-3.1 it means more throughput and regen, and post 3.1 it means more DA procs which can stack. Haste is less worth it because most of your casts are bound to the GCD or have a CD, so it won't do as much to increase your throughput.

    For Holy, you'll still get similar regen from MP5 or Spirit, though post-3.1, Spirit will definitely trump MP5 for regen. You also get Spell Power from Spirit, so always prefer Spirit over MP5. As for Haste and Crit, they're both good for Holy. Crit is essentially a regen stat, and even though regen will be a problem in 3.1, because of how it works with Holy Concentration and overlapping procs, you'll have diminishing returns. Meanwhile, Haste benefits Holy more linearly than it does Discipline, so it's also a solid stat. My philosophy is basically to stack Crit until you have sustainable mana, then stack Haste. Right now, that's around 25% Crit raid buffed, but I suspect it will be more like 30-35% Crit in 3.1.

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