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    Re: 10 man EoE 2 healers

    Quote Originally Posted by Blitond
    I guess thanks for attempting to answer my questions :-\
    I should have probably posted under paly forum instead of priest.

    And FYI healing a raid group who just started nax 10 isn't the same as healing a guild run or a geared tank and dps.
    Ya tank was only around 28k hp buffed, but my assumptions at the time was to just have the pally heal the tank and i heal everyone else. I figured it should be manageable but it wasn't for him.

    And ya hes a flash spammer, I dropped a few hints about a week ago but he gave me some big story about how much of a benefit flash of light was. Since I have never played a paly past lvl 50 something alt I figured I wasn't qualified to discredit him. Ill try and look up some info to convince him otherwise, but idno if he has been collecting hast gear.

    An armory link for the tank would be nice, since it seems that me that he's vastly undergeared to have only one healer.

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    Re: 10 man EoE 2 healers

    I solo heal 10 man EOE as holy for the 6 min achievement. Your pally is just failing.

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    Re: 10 man EoE 2 healers

    Most of the top guilds on my realm bring 1 healer only. Everyone should be able to survive 1st vortex by themselves (healing pot, healthstone / whatever) so any healer should be able to solo heal it. We had resto shaman solo heal 10 man 6min run.

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