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    Re: Holy priest Love?

    Quote Originally Posted by Kelesti
    Also, those tier sets are kinda nice <3
    Took me 10min to look at what blizzard came up with for the multi spec spell deeps classes and apply the principle to healing priests.

    Sometimes I think it is Blizzard that is confused about priests... not the players. (See Sig) \/

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    Re: Holy priest Love?

    Last week I PTR raided as Holy due to lack of healers who had copied their characters (I'm typically shadow, tough I was holy all throughout BC) And I really liked all the changes made to Holy sense I last specced Holy post-WotLK. However, this week, I specced Disc out of pure curiosity (though Holy would've been better for the situation) and I had an absolute plast. I couldn't quite keep up with the raid healing sense a lot of the raid members didn't seem to understand the concept of the fight and was taking a lot of raid damage, but I really loved the pace of Disc. Though even long before Wrath dropped I said that if I ever had to heal again I'd be Disc, this is only reaffirming it. I don't feel anything is wrong with Holy. I think they make exceptional raid healers now that Prayer of Healing is castable on other groups ALONG with Circle of Healing. I'm just burned out from Holy. I am starting to miss healing though and I'm definitely thinking switching over to Disc in 3.1. I have just recently been accepted into a top-end guild on my server, and even though I was accepted as Shadow, we're still definitely lacking in healing priests.
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    I recommend shoulder surgery immediately... there's no way you didn't fuck it up with how hard you just reached.

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