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Okay lets use your numbers and a normal rotation of 1 MB vs 6 MF ticks

From your numbers and the ususal spriest 11.11% haste cycle of 1MB then 2 full MF(6ticks)

1MB = 4098
6 X MF = 2105 X 6 = 12630

5% increase in crit chance on each
on MB = 204.9 Damage per cycle increase (5% of 4098)
on MF = 631.5 Damage per cycle increase (5% OF 12630)

I must say, I agree with Strykzor, even though the way he said it was a bit off. 5% crit on MF is WAY better than 5% crit on MB (i know IST will distort it a little, but not by the 400 damage per cycle difference shown above)

Anyway, we're still wayyyyy behind other hybrids so lets not arguee amongst ourselfs
These assumptions are incorrect... if you were to assume MB & MF as the only spells being cast I would totally agree with your logic but some cast time is dedicated to VT and DP in particular. That means you don't always get 6 MF ticks to a MB cast. Also these assumptions would place MB as 25% of the damage and MF accounting for 75% of the damage... this is obviously incorrect because as I stated parses show MF doing between 35 to 45% of dps with MB doing between 15 to 20% (depending on the parse in question). And for this very reason your logic is flawed.