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    Need mod to do two specific things

    My main is a feral druid and I have this alt holy priest that goes to our guild's alt runs. I'm having fun with him but there are two things I want.

    Surge of Light.

    First, I seem to miss a lot of Surge of light procs. I just don't have time to see them happening and miss out on free heals or even sometimes extra smites. I need something that will pop it right in my face or make a sound.


    Second, when raid healing, I still feel that a CD visual for Prayer of Mending would be useful. Again, something that can pop up next to my grid so I don't have to take my eyes away from the little green bars or the important stuff in the environment.

    Basically I need something that will do the same that Bad Kitty does for my druid. It's got big icons that pop up when skills are about to fall off and need reapply or when procs occur.

    Thanks priests.

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    Re: Need mod to do two specific things

    For the Surge of light procs, including Holy Concentration and perhaps other things you'd like to have pop up for you, I recommend Event Alert;


    As for ProM procs and tracking, I recommend the aptly Prayer of Mending Tracker;


    Check those out. Hopefully those will work out for you. :]

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    Re: Need mod to do two specific things

    Download PowerAuras, it's tbh one of the best modds for procs I'v ever had, you just type in the name of the buff, and voila, you have a free choice of about 20 diffrent ways to show that it procced, sounds, pulse animations, screen shake, you name it, you want it, power auras have it.

    Id say it's inferior to the payer of mending tracker mentioned abow just for prayer of mending, since it doesn't suport that specific function, keeping track of others "auras", and I can't say for certain that it's less demanding of your computer then EventAlert, but what I do know, that is the it haven't failed me once to show Slam! proc from Bloodsurge, and I upped my effectiveness with that ability by 50%, and reduced the amount of deaths on thaddius due to that stupid buff by infinite amounts since I haven't died since :P

    So gl, and hopefully with these addons suggested, you will be able to feel comfortable playing.

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    Re: Need mod to do two specific things

    Quote Originally Posted by Goodge
    Again, something that can pop up next to my grid
    If you are using grid, you could create a new buff named "Surge of Light" an mark "only on self". After that you can conect the buff to a sideindicator, or the Border, or, which i did, to the centericon. Since the buff-proc is displayed inside my gridframe, I've never missed it again.

    To track the PoM CD, I am using DoTimer, because I am used to it since I mostly play as shadow.

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    Re: Need mod to do two specific things

    PoM Tracking is actually not what I need. I went to know when I can recast PoM, ie when the 7 sec CD is up. I want to avoid having to look at my spell icon.

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    Re: Need mod to do two specific things

    You can set Power Auras to show when your CD on a particular ability is up; I use Power Auras to show when Penance and Power Infusion are off CD.

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    Re: Need mod to do two specific things

    Give a try to OmniCC

    Works fine for me

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