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    GoTN (for Draenei) and IF

    So Innerfire got buffed to 30min (sure took a while!....) but still maintain the charges, I cannot see why unless it's because of the armor boost compared to other casters except druids.

    But the main point is, Draenei do have GotN which will be changed into an instant heal (a la Desperate Prayer ripoff) but what about Draenei Priests running around in Shadowform? At the moment, GotN is classified as a "Holy" spell, but with the change of GoTN with 3.1 it gets even better and benefits in PvE AND PvP. Problem is you made it possible to use "remove curse" for Moonkins, how about giving Draenei the opportunity to use their actual racial ability while in Shadowform (/w out breaking/going out of SF and wasting mana even if not that much) and therefor not lose almost 2 GCDs on it?

    I mean Nelfs can use shadowmeld in Moonkin form (unless that got changed after 2.4~) If anyone can pinpoint me why this is should not be intended as something as common sense, please to reply.

    Also, Draenei Death Knights can use GoTN (even with Lichborne, WTF!?) and it's a Holy spell, so how does something so corrupt and unholy get the chance to heal themselves with such an aweome spell originating from the Light itself?

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    Re: GoTN (for Draenei) and IF

    It is a holy healing spell, and they are not going to let you cast healing spells in shadowform. The only holy priest spells you can cast in Shadowform are ones they specifically put in, like Abolish Disease.

    They are not going to change this. Its a holy spell. Drop shadowform if you want to use it.
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