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    Re: MF and SW:D suggestions

    Quote Originally Posted by Abandon
    Or if they are under 20% health it deals no backlash damage/always crits.
    This! haha

    thanks all for the great feedback, it really makes me feel good about my future of being a game designer. ;D

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    Re: MF and SW:D suggestions

    I really can't agree with the people saying SW should be much better because Fire Blast is. Like I posted earlier I like the proposed ideas with SW and would love to see them implemented, but I would never expect Blizzard to give me Fire Blast v2 simply because you cannot pull two spells out of context, ie the rest of the abilities of their respective class, and then say one is better than the other. It's a very poor argument and one I definitely can see why Blizzard will never listen to.

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    Re: MF and SW:D suggestions

    should make shadow word death finish one of your dots, like swiftmend does to hots.

    just give us something that bursts

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