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    Body and Soul Suggested change, need comments

    just posted an idea for a priest change but i need everyones help or suggestions to get the Blue Man's response. http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/th...19532225&sid=1 . for those not wanting to go to the link here's whats on there.
    Body and Soul should be placed lower in the disc tree or at least lower in the holy tree. Its half dependent on a discipline spell and other half on a holy spell. Now I'm glad to see shadow and holy deep tier 8 talents give them the ability to get out of annoying movement impairing effects, but Disc's still don't have anything. Maybe we could at least get a minor buff after we cast PW:S or when it goes away that gives us immunity to silences/spell locks for a short duration if we cant at least get away from melee. Anything to help while not being able to move far or much away from a target and not completely leave us vulnerable when we have to cast heal ourselfs would be much appreciated .

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    Re: Body and Soul Suggested change, need comments


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    Re: Body and Soul Suggested change, need comments

    This talent is meant to give holy priests more pvp survivability. Disc priests have always been the pvp healer viable spec and Blizz wanted to change this for holy and give them more survivability by allowing them to dispell the hunter poisons of themselves and an ability to let themselves and party members run out of range of opponents faster.

    It might be nice to place it a bit lower in the holy tree but it definately shouldn't be going to Disc. Disc tree has more then enough survivability as it is in pvp. I think it's this high in the tree to make sure disc priests won't take it.

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    Re: Body and Soul Suggested change, need comments

    i had a play with this talent on ptr in some battlegrounds. whereas on live you get smashed by ret paladins in a few seconds on ptr you run so fast they cant actually burst you down. i also survived a lot of rogues / warriors simply by kiting. So although the poison dispel is slightly useful the sprint is actually amazing.
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