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    Priest Ports??

    This may sound random, but I get this almost every single day on my priest, regardless of whether or not I'm in shadowform.
    "Can I get a port to dal?" <-- Yeah, I'll get right on that. O_o;

    Do any other priests out there get asked for ports? lol. What the heck brought up this idea? I was never asked this EVER before Wrath. Was there some post somewhere telling new WoW players that priests can do this now?

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    Re: Priest Ports??

    Are you wearing a lot of the non-set pieces? People may be seeing your non-set shoulders or hat and simply assuming that you look like a mage without actually checking your class first.

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    Re: Priest Ports??

    What's your ingame name?

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    Re: Priest Ports??

    Next time brewfest rolls around, grab yourself a Personal Mole Machine. Then when someone asks you for a port, invite them to group and give 'em a free ride to the bar. ;D

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    Re: Priest Ports??

    -I'd either be randomly whispered by someone in a different city, or if they were up close I'd be in my oldschool Frozen Shadoweave. I was wondering if maybe they just thought all humans were mages. o_o; I'm still leveling in Northrend, so I'm in a mish-mash of quest/instance gear now, and I'm still getting it.

    -Her name is Railynn.

    - XD That's a great idea. I have one from last Brewfest. I'll just say the mole is a new port model.

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    Re: Priest Ports??

    Even better, tell em your an engineer and its a new item. Then when they end up in BRD, blame Blizzard for RNG engy failures.

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