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    I know this may sound like a dumb question...but I was wondering. I recently got Benediction/Anathema and I was wondering if I could put an enchant on it without ruining its current glow. This isn't what I'm thinking of putting on it, but lets say for example Fiery (lol), will it cause a red glow and mess up the regular look of this truly epic staff?
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    Re: Benediction/Anathema

    I havent played a priest for years, but I remember that my glow stayed the same. Don't take my word for it tho.

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    Re: Benediction/Anathema

    Seeing it / they are considered a special weapon, other glows are not shown on the weapon.

    The special effect this / these weapons have are the little trail of gold or shadow color behind the weapon when moving.

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    Re: Benediction/Anathema

    it doesnt glow..
    It's just a game.

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    Re: Benediction/Anathema

    No. Enchants will not cause particle effects on this type of weapon.

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    Re: Benediction/Anathema

    Thanks for the responses.
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    Re: Benediction/Anathema

    I got mine a few days ago too, and don't worry, because both Benediction and Anamathea have their own glow effects (the trailing sparks) they will not show enchants.
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