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    ShadowPriest Build

    i just hit 80 and my guild is gonna gear me up in naxx 25 man stuff before Uldar comes out. Can anyone tell me the cookie cutter pve spec.

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    Re: ShadowPriest Build


    That's the most common spec I've seen, and probably the best to use to begin with. You'll probably need meditation and focused mind to conserve your mana whilst your gear is bad, but as it improves you might want to switch them out as you'll probably never run out of mana anyway.
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    Re: ShadowPriest Build

    That is preaty much the only cookie-cuter spec for Shadow. The three is so bloated you don't realy have a choice. About changing it, the only things you can move are IF and impVE for Shadow Affinity, but it's not needed in any case. You can preaty much leave those 3 talents untalented and see no difference :P ImpVE helps you tho, I love it and would not raid without it.

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    Re: ShadowPriest Build

    wow if you honestly need help to spec pve shadow you need to gtfo and re roll

    speccing a priest is retarded easy.
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