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    I didn't play for a while, and just recently put game time in. I had to reload WoW, and therefore all my addons. While looking for my old addons and possibly some new ones, i came across a screen shot of a druids Grid. is a picture of what im talking about.

    Instead of colored boxes in the corners it has the actual icon. Im pretty sure I looked everywhere on the core grid addon and didn't find an option for it, so im assuming its an extention to grid.

    I was wondering if it only works for my buffs. If this is the case, then im not that interested, since i can track my own hots (although it would look a bit cooler). If this would link up with LibHealComm (or other heal communication) it would be alot easier to cross heal effectively. Personally druids have to many HoT's for me to keep a color track of them and not having information overload.

    If anyone knows the addon please let me know thanks.

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    I haven't really tested it that much lately or even messed with my Grid setup since WotLK, but GridIndicatorSideIcons and GridIndicatorCornerIcons might be the addons you're looking for.

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