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    psychic horror new nerf.

    only disarms wands for 5 seconds.

    Im wondering where blizz is going with this buff/nerf going on with the shadow priests in pvp.

    we have 2 abilities removed: blackout and old version of psychic horror, replaced with a new psychic horror that keeps getting nerfed, and 15% dps reduction from all sources, when we were mostly complaining about rogues, not casters...

    what kind of buff is that.

    also the new mana returns from dots being dispelled, why do I have to put points in a pve talent (shadow affinity) to get that bonus.

    it seems that there is no focus on the issue at hand here, our problem is that we just stand there and get nuked.

    even with disperion we are still there and rogues(get combo points) or any other melee class is just standing there nuking until we are out of disperion.

    fear is getting nerfed alot soon, mainly because of warlocks, but we are getting the short end of the stick.

    Not that our fear is that usefull, almost any class can get out of it.

    Im just making this post because Im so frustrated with blizz, I have played my priest since the game came out,
    I have close to 7k achivements, did 2,2k rating in season 3, (mainly a pve player) and I love the class and rerolling with most factions maxed out in rep and all this stuff done is not sitting right with me but Im just so close to rolling a palladin or a death knight or just stop pvp.


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    Re: psychic horror new nerf.

    or u could look at the 9 page thread on this a few lines bellow...

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