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    Kel'thuzad frost blast

    Accidentally posted this in the WOW raids and dungeons forum 1st but anyway...

    Could anyone explain how this ability is meant to work especially with regards to how often or where kel'thuzad can use it?

    I understand that when he casts it on a player it will chain TO any player close to the original target as well as FROM any player near to the original target who was also affected by it. I didn't realise he could cast the spell on a 2nd target that was over 30 yards away from the original target at the exact same time.

    What basically happened was that kel'thuzad cast frost blast on the melee and because the boss moved a bit (due to tank knockback I think) 5 melee got hit as they lost their spreading a little bit. At the same time as all the melee got frost blast 1 of our hunters also got it even though he was nowhere near the melee... i'd estimate he was 30-40 yards away. All the melee survived but our hunter died (probably because the healers got overwhelmed with so many getting frost tombed at the same time). We tank kel'thuzad at the throne where he becomes active while me and the other hunter who died were on the far side of the green circle that is in the middle of the room so the frost blast deinitely shouldn't have been able to chain over to him

    The most annoying thing is that we were on for immortal at the time and this frost blast death was our only death on that naxx clearance (the 4th time we've failed with 1 death now)... We really aren't getting any luck with this and losing it to what seems a bug or something very unusual is quite painful especially when it's been the only achievement we've needed for our black proto drakes for at least a month now.

    I must admit that I thought Kel'thuzad did frost blast on 2 completely seperate targets every time he cast it but people in guild said this wasn't the case and that he should only do it on 1 target (unless it chains to another player).

    Here's wht I could find in the wws log: (I edited names ofc)

    0:00'30.595 A is afflicted by Frost Blast. #724120
    0:00'30.595 B is afflicted by Frost Blast. #724121
    0:00'30.595 C is afflicted by Frost Blast. #724122
    0:00'30.595 D is afflicted by Frost Blast. #724123
    0:00'30.595 E is afflicted by Frost Blast. #724124
    0:00'30.595 F is afflicted by Frost Blast. #724125

    All of the above are melee except A who is the hunter and was at least 25-30 yards away from all the other players in the log when he got hit with the frostblast.

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    Re: Kel'thuzad frost blast

    You edited out the names and didnt post the link to the wws so that we are totally unable to help you?

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    Re: Kel'thuzad frost blast

    Quote Originally Posted by Chahir
    You edited out the names and didnt post the link to the wws so that we are totally unable to help you?
    I can and will post the wws but not really sure why the names of the players are important or any of the other events of the fight.

    Anyway here's the full raid wws including Kel'thuzad where we had our problem :


    Also here's something that someone linked on my guilds forum after I created this thread which does seem in some way linked :


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    Re: Kel'thuzad frost blast

    from wowhead

    Frost Blast - Throughout the fight, Kel'Thuzad will freeze a player (and their nearby allies, if within 10 yards) in an Ice Block. The spell will damage the players for 26% of their maximum health every 1 second, for 4 seconds, adding up to 104% of the players' maximum hit points. Affected players will need to receive very quick heals, or they will die.

    http://www.wowhead.com/?npc=15990 for full link

    The only way the hunter would get caught is if he was 10yrds away. Lag / bug maybe. It happens every 45-60s or so.

    Hope that helps..

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    Re: Kel'thuzad frost blast

    I had this problem recently while tanking him in 10-man. It's only ever happened once and it seemed completely random.

    My guess was it was some sort of bug dealing with server positioning, but it does suck.

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    Re: Kel'thuzad frost blast

    This is a well known bug.

    We've had a single Frost Blast hit both the main tank and a Hunter at maximum range.

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