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    Re: Worlds fastest Sartharion 3D kill (10)

    Just downed it right now. Prot pally, resto shaman, 2 spriests, warlock, hunter, enhancement shaman, mage, ret pally, boomkin to kite the drake at the end. 81 seconds.
    US-Nathrezim Horde

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    Re: Worlds fastest Sartharion 3D kill (10)

    Quote Originally Posted by Cyhanur

    I think you are missing the feral druid. He has to pull the Adds far far away and no other class is as quick as a druis (okay, maybe Rogues)
    yes, this is what's the most important part about it!
    when sartharion hits 25% tenebron will enrage and oneshot your raid, except if he's too busy following that druid :-)
    the ensidia ban was clever marketing

    oh noes, someone is using engineering

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