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    Darkmoon Card for SP

    Hey Gang,

    My Shadow Priest just hit 80 and I want a Darkmoon Deck for a trinket. Which is the best for a SP in your opinions?


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    Re: Darkmoon Card for SP


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    Re: Darkmoon Card for SP

    If you plan on ever touching arena or pvp, Portals. Best to make use of all the dying you'll be doing.

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    Re: Darkmoon Card for SP

    Im fairly sure the spellpower deck is best, death is very mediocre.


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    Re: Darkmoon Card for SP

    Death is getting nice buff in 3.1 ive bought like 4 decks to sell when patch goes live and prices go sky high

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    Re: Darkmoon Card for SP

    The main trinket to compare the Darkmoon Card: Death to would be the Sundail. They both provide almost the same passive crit, and have the same internal cooldown, so the main comparison is between whether you can do more damage with the proc of damage from Death or the extra spellpower from Sundial.
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    Re: Darkmoon Card for SP


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    Re: Darkmoon Card for SP

    Quote Originally Posted by Nezoia
    This is correct.

    OP, have a look at:

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