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    Disc PvP build 3.1


    Any thoughts?

    On a side note, how will Glyph of Penance and Aspiration work together? Both -2 sec off the cooldown? If it doesn't stack or not as good as hoped it's replaceable by Glyph of Renew for even bigger renew ticks.

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    Re: Disc PvP build 3.1

    No silent resolve? You like having your pain suppression and shields dispelled?
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    Re: Disc PvP build 3.1

    Imo you lack some things and u have also taken less valuable things.
    Mine would look like this: http://talent.mmo-champion.com/?prie...0&version=9757
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    Re: Disc PvP build 3.1

    You skip damage mitigation (Renewed Hope, Divine Aegis, Spell Warding) for a shorter cast time on greater heal and mana efficiency on dispells? I personally do not find that neccessary at all.

    Also why do you not pick up Reflective Shields? It's actually pretty usefull against 2x damage setups.

    About PS being dispelled.. it has a 65% chance to be resisted by dispell mechanics allready so why would I increase that any further on those few setups who actually can dispell at there will. Let them dispell me when I mana burn them and we'll see who outlasts who.

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    Re: Disc PvP build 3.1

    I think, I will play something like this:


    It doesn't make a big difference not to skill Martyrdom. Improved flash heal sounds nice, but with a 6,4 Sec Cooldown on Penance, I won't use flash heal that often (Penance, Renew, PoM, Shield, Penance). For Divine Aegis a PvP Disc Priest doesn't have enough crit, that it becomes powerfull. But who likes to skill it could maybe take 3 points from Enlightenment. In the holy tree, one can choose between Spell Warding and Holy Specialisation.

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    Re: Disc PvP build 3.1


    There is still 5 points left in here ot play around with, but the 100% essentials are taken.

    Inner fire, pain supression and pennace glyphs also.

    Inner fire gives 10% more physical mitigation, and since its melee that we have a problem of dieing to, i feel this will vastly improve our survival.
    Pain supression allows it to be used while stunned, imba tbh.

    The 5 spare points are upto you really.. if ur 3v3ing or 5v5ing imp mana burn is useless, believe me, you will NEVER be allowed to cast it even once. Better off putting them somwere else.

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    Re: Disc PvP build 3.1


    and if divine aegis turns out to still be pretty bad then just take those 3 and put it in MA and imp fort

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    Re: Disc PvP build 3.1

    Divine aegis looks cool to me, if you use satin gear :P you'll have some crit, and it's stackable, it can absorb up to 10k dmg max :> so that helps a bit

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    Re: Disc PvP build 3.1

    Im a 2k s4 shadow priest and a 2.3k disp priest, this season. I would just run


    But thats just me,

    GL to all puhsing glad ;D

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    Re: Disc PvP build 3.1


    Will be my pvp spec, I considered the 10% less insta casts because lets face it you will use PoMending/renew/bubble alot dispels are good times too, but not as necessary to lower the mana cost.. But in a 2v2 with proper peeling I feel lower cost flash heal is more important.. And I personally love haste.. WTB mana efficiency though, priests in comparison to paladins have none.. or shamans.. Sure we can mana burn against a 25% regen on a 1min CD or watershield freecast.. Not fun! Druids - Sure they sacrifice a decent mana regen mechanic for insanely powerful CC like Cyclone root, feral charge and all that.. I guess i kind of turned this into a rant ! =P

    Fear needs a buff.. On a serious sidenote though -- I wear 951 resilience, and run disc currently.. I am still getting hit for way too much in respect to my resil..

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    Re: Disc PvP build 3.1


    This would be my 3v3 build, id ditch something for imp mana burn for 2v2ing.

    I see people missing Imp fort, remember in 3.1 its gives us 4% passive stamina also.
    I dont think much of the focused will talent for being DISP, we have the Unbreakable will and the 70% talent on the holy side already.
    Taking Devine Aegis would be nice, but our crit chance in pvp gear is laughable, would only proc once a match if your lucky.
    Glyph of inner fire
    Glyph of Pain suppression
    Glyph of Pennance

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