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    Twinking a lvl 60 priest.

    Hia guys, I've been playing my twink at lvl 39 for a while with a warrior friend of mine. But now we have desided to lvl to 60 and twink them there... The main thought behind it will be me as healer so I was thinking something like this: http://ptr.wowhead.com/?talent=bt0ruI0VRIscboZbx

    But I'm no wizz in the priests talents so I was hoping you guys/girls would have any pointers in where to put my points etc.

    Thank you

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    Re: Twinking a lvl 60 priest.

    No penance?

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    Re: Twinking a lvl 60 priest.

    IMO http://ptr.wowhead.com/?talent=bxcruhhiRcsccop and then just go for pvp gear and the likes. if you can get into some bwl runs and aq40 runs with a guild to get gears from there and get the resilience pieces you can from stone keeper shards and do some quests in outlands for gear there too if its better
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    Re: Twinking a lvl 60 priest.

    Just so you know...

    If you are level 60 and do WSG and AB you will be lumped in with Levels 60 to 69.
    If you are level 60 and do AV you'll be lumped with Levels 51 to 60.

    If you are level 59 and do WSG and AB you will be lumped in with Levels 50-59.
    If you are level 59 and do AV you will be lumped in with Levels 51-60 AND GET EXPERIENCE FROM NPC KILLS.

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    Re: Twinking a lvl 60 priest.

    I have a 60 retribution paladin twink, so I'll give try to give you a spec on how things are in that bracket.

    Unless you got some good gear, dont go alone in av, a dk can pop up anywhere and kill you in mere seconds. Now I didnt let it get to me and I'm at a comfortable gear lvl now. prepare to get deathgripped all over middlefield by multiple dks.

    in 60-69 dont count on living to long when focused. (glad i got divine shield :X) there is no resilience in this bracket so you get pretty much pwnd. your job is simply to annoy horde by helping the flagcarrier and doing the necessairy ccing (psychic scream)

    So I think it is important to have good healing power rather then survival. I would go with this, it gives you added mobility when focused with body and soul, and some good healing power to stay alive, renew giving instant heals and desperate prayer.

    If you want more surivability then discipline will be the choice, but you will slack healing power. Discipline spec

    Or a hybrid spec but I wouldnt go with that

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