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    Mad Alchemist Flasks/Elixers pls.

    As an Alchemist, we rely on having our flasks/elixers up in order to get the same benefit as the other classes do from their profession buffs (like extra gem slots for BS, better gems for JC, better self only enchants for LW/tailor/enc).

    And in order for us to have those elixers up, we need to spend hundreds of gold for one whenever we want to use it for a raid run (assuming raid lasts 4hrs).

    Would be nice if we were given a Mad Alchemist elixer/flask thing which is basically the same buff as regular flasks/elixers but much cheaper to make and self only.

    What do you dudes think?

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    Re: Mad Alchemist Flasks/Elixers pls.

    They should Upgrade our Trinkets!

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