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    enchants for 0/32/39

    sooo... i have FC MH and Beserking OH. I tried it out RI, CG and zerking all for 2 weeks to see each. I want to know from your guys experience which is better and why! :P PS i do rock a SLOW MH fast OH

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    Re: enchants for 0/32/39

    Dont bother... this spec wont be available after 3.1

    (Assuming that OP is talking about the Death Knight 0/32/39 Spec)

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    Re: enchants for 0/32/39

    ttrue but i want to know for the last few weeks

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    Re: enchants for 0/32/39

    you seriously bought a berserking enchant as a deathknight? i don't know what to say ...

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    Re: enchants for 0/32/39

    yea i seriously did buy it i have 31k gold why would i care.

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    Re: enchants for 0/32/39

    I dont think he ment why you spent money on a enchant. i think he ment that you're using a crappy enchant on a weapon when you can get so much better for FREE as a death knight.

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