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    Rate this 3.1 blood/unholy spec

    So I've been tweaking and checking out what blood will have to offer in the next patch. Do you think it's worth going for? As of now, blood is really gimped, but do you think it will do better?

    This is the spec Im checking out. Please comment both spec and glyphs and tell me what ye think :-)


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    Re: Rate this 3.1 blood/unholy spec

    i havent tested this kinda specc and would be nice if you could explain the rotation that u will be using

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    Re: Rate this 3.1 blood/unholy spec

    Now I havnt figured that much on rotation. As far as I know, you cant determine whats good/bad before the patch is live. But I was thinking about using death strike as my main attack and heart whenever runes are on cooldown.

    PS/IT - PS/IT - (pestilience if theres more than one) - DS - DS - heart - heart - runedump
    Dont know if its worth putting out a DaD aswell for that extra aoe damage.
    How will sudden doom proc? Will it cost runedump or will it be for free? And is it like before, 100% crit?

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    Re: Rate this 3.1 blood/unholy spec

    seems just about cookie cutter blood
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