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  • It's decent but maybe a bit op

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  • Hmmm.. i have my doubts about it

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  • It's way to op

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  • It won't change anything

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  • LOL, reroll pls ....

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    Re: Dispersion Replacement - Shadow Word : Barrier

    Shadowform tooltips needs to be longer, in that the enemy is just plain confused when vs a shadowpriest.

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    Re: Dispersion Replacement - Shadow Word : Barrier

    Quote Originally Posted by Abandon
    The best suggestion I have seen to make Dispersion better for PVP is to have the major glyph reduce the cooldown and mana regen by 65%. Then it would be a 1 minute cooldown and really help out with surviving burst. In PVE currently, it is an excellent backup mana source as well as being good protection if needed, like when you are Iceblocked or pull aggro while AoEing.
    are you referring to my silly thread? ;D

    What if dispersion absorbed all the dmg done and released it when you cancel the aura or it expires in an explosive blast. That way when you disperse people want to stop attacking you, and get away.
    I really like this one, sounds fun in pve as well, pull 50 mobs, disperse, release and KABOOM!

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    Re: Dispersion Replacement - Shadow Word : Barrier

    Quote Originally Posted by Kelesti
    Tell that to the Ret Paladin that ignores damage reduction. Yeah, I went there.
    That is why dispersion needs something that persists after it ends to make melee think twice before just attacking us again.

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    Re: Dispersion Replacement - Shadow Word : Barrier

    First of all Gz on leeching %hp idea. Imagine it on raid bosses - 30% hp over 10s? woot?

    Second, please dont invent such star trek spells, just give dot protection to shadow priests and we gonna be fine. We still do nice with rogue in team or shaman rogue in 3n3.

    And I will add to OP idea - Imho good shit would be some erruption after dispertion ends that deal some dmg or paralize/slow enemies to force our ass chasers to move little back and give us some range. But still its not neccesary.

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